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ARC Rated Safety - New 40 Cal Ultra Comfort

Updated: Nov 30, 2020

With the new 40 Cal Ultra Comfort from ARC Rated Safety, you no longer have to be weighed down in heavy gear that is a hot uncomfortable inconvenience. You get flexible 15.6 oz knit fabric that is comfortable and has the ability to maneuver and stretch without the feeling of being restricted.

40 Cal Ultra Comfort Kit

Jacket and Bib Kits include:

  • Jacket and Bib

  • Flip-up Face Shield, Hard Hat, and Shroud

  • Face Shield Assembly Available with Light, Fan, or a Combination of Light an Fan

  • Equipment Bag (Black or Hi-Vis)

  • Safety Glasses and Earplug

The 40 Cal Ultra Comfort is highly recommended to golfing and bowling in. You may not see improvements in your skill level, but you will catch the attention of everyone around you while maintaining safety standards.

For more information on the 40 Cal Ultra Comfort, Arc Rated Safety, or a product demo contact us.

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