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Facilities Safety & Upgrades

Our focus on products outside the main stream allow us to dig into the weeds and provide specific solutions to the challenges of upgrading facilities and installing new equipment, driving efficiencies and saving money.


Electrical safety within a facility or on a jobsite is a hot topic.  Providing practical solutions to those facing regulatory compliance of NFPA 70E, from disconnect-rated switches and infrared windows to arc-rated clothing, we can help navigate the mine traps as customers strive for a safer environment.

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Business Plan

Commercial Construction

Trying to leave commodity components for someone else, our focus is on products that provide specific application value allowing us to help customers solve unique challenges in new ways.  

Panel Builds


Designing and building electrical controls cabinets take more expertise than people think.  There are regulatory code and listings to navigate all the while meeting customer demands for cost, performance, and lead times.


Make GES Goldschmidt Your Electrical / Industrial Partner!

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Serving markets in electrical, industrial, factory automation & machine safety

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