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Machine Safety

Safety does not have to be complicated.  Once a risk assessment has been completed, component selection and conforming to code is a fairly straight forward process.


Ensure your equipment conforms to the latest safety standards.  Allow us to help you safeguard your products and/or processes.

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Performance Levels

We represent and are trained to apply products designed for all safety performance levels, from a basic emergency stop button to networked safety controllers and devices.

Component Selection

Not all safety components are equal.  Matching components to a required performance level is merely the first step.  Utilizing unique hardware or software features, and matching them to the proper application, can improve system efficiency and the overall user experience.

GES Goldschmidt can help you take your system to the next level.

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Make GES Goldschmidt Your Machine Safety Partner!

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Serving markets in electrical, industrial, factory automation & machine safety

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