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Serving Our Principals

Our sales team strives to be an extension of the manufacturer's team within our territory and not just an independent representative.  Partnering with an independent representative can sometimes feel like a leap of faith, but it does not have to be.  Our agency has been finely tuned to service the industrial automation industry.  Our expertise in factory automation and machine safety, combined with our network of automation focused channel partners provides all the tools necessary to take your products to market.  GES Goldschmidt is OEM and automation integration centric, calling direct on integrators and machine builders of in all industries. 

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Product Marketing and Territory Development

We foster growth in our territories through strategic planning.  Assessing a product stance in the market place and matching features to the correct accounts and applications helps achieve greater opportunity closures.  Applying territory knowledge and historical results can help lay out the most effective and low conflict channel partner network.

Sales & Goal Focused


Our sales representatives work in the field targeting key account and application demographics to directly drive sales while simultaneously managing sales partner networks through sales and technical training, quality target identification, and joint sales calls. 


Whether you are an established manufacturer in the US market, or a pioneering line, GES Goldschmidt is fully invested in the development of the sales territory.


Highly Technical


Our sales representatives undergo continual training, both principal conducted as well as through other internal and external educational programs. 


Our sales team's product and application skills are assessed and developed through online testing and training resources.


Our team is hands-on with both hardware and software based products.  We strive to be experts on the products and technologies we represent.

Network of Trust


Integrity is our most important virtue.  We have developed a "network of trust" among our channel partners, customers, and principals. 


A Foundation Built on Technology


A highly developed infrastructure of record keeping and data tracking is key to our success.  Our business procedures are built on the use of our CRM, Target Tracking, and Opportunity Pipeline Management software. 


An internal company social media platform is utilized to provide enhanced account targeting, as well as keep our field representatives connected by sharing learning experiences and success stories.

Grow With GES Goldschmidt!


Serving markets in electrical, industrial, factory automation & machine safety

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