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PULS FIEPOS - Decentralized Field Power Supplies

Updated: Mar 9, 2021

FIEPOS field power supplies open up a new world of possibilities for systems designers by providing cabinet-free planning for their systems and machines. Decentralization of the system components has proven to be an important factor for success. It speeds up system planning, simplifies maintenance and enables an easy expansion of the system. In addition, control cabinets can be replaced by smaller versions or even completely dismantled.

With FIEPOS, short for FIEld POwer Supply, PULS presents a new type of power supply that was developed precisely for this environment: A decentralized field power supply with protection class IP54, IP65 or IP67 that is available ex stock, is easy to install and flexible enough to meet the diverse requirements of modular factory automation.

In short, PULS' field power supplies are the alternative to a power supply in the centralized control cabinet, decentralized on-site control box or a customer-specific solution.

Product Features:

· IP54, IP65 and IP67 Versions available

· 300W or 500W for 1 Phase (coming soon) or 3 Phase systems

· 200% Reserve Power for 5 seconds

· 95% Efficient

· E-Fused Current Limited Outputs Available

· LED Interface for Diagnostics

· Buttons for Adjusting Voltage/Tripping currents

· Din Rail or Direct Mount

· I/O Link Available

· Various Connector Configurations Available

For more information on FIEPOS, other PULS related products, or if you're interested in a product demo, contact us.

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