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Dongan - Century Series Industrial Control Transformers

Dongan Century Series Industrial Control Transformers are encapsulated in electrical grade epoxy to help seal out the harmful effects of moisture and airborne contaminants while providing excellent thermal transfer properties for longevity. The IC Transformer System provides a platform from which multiple fusing, mounting and finger safe capabilities can be configured.


  • Epoxy encapsulated copper windings

  • UL Class 105°C insulation system

  • Cool operation with 55°C temperature rise

  • All designs rated 50 / 60 Hertz

  • Combination screw heads for ease of installation

  • IP 20 when finger safe terminal and/or fuse cover options are installed

  • Meets or exceeds UL 5085, NEMA ST-1 and ANSI standards

  • Jumper links provided

  • UL Listed, File E3210

  • CUL Listed, File E3210

  • CE to EN 61558

  • Voltage and fuse combinations suitable for global applications

For more information on Dongan Century Series Industrial Control Transformers, a product demo or other Dongan related products contact us.


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