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IDEM Safety - UGB-Net Universal Gate Box

IDEM Safety's UGB-NET is an access gate box which combines solenoid locking, RFID coded sensor and integrated machine control functions in a robust heavy duty housing. It is customizable, with room for up to 6 illuminated pilot devices such as push-buttons, lamps, selector switches and e-stops on the lid to be factory configured to your specification. A side extension is also available to be mounted for extended functionality. Available in both left and right handed configurations, trapped key functionality, and comes in die cast metal (red) or stainless steel 316.

The UGB-NET is easy to install and depending on your application, it is available with rear escape functionality, mounting plate and handle accessories and emergency stop protection shroud. The external fixing points means the lid does not need to be removed during or after installation.

IDEM Safety's UGB-NET combines industry proven mechanical interlocking with Profinet/PROFIsafe and Ethernet/IP CIP Safety protocols. The robust and reliable design is suitable for use on heavy doors, making the UGB-NET the ideal solution for applications within automotive manufacturing, steel production, intralogistics and much more. For more detailed information check out the video below.

For more information on the UGB-NET, other IDEM Safety related products, or if you're interested in a product demo, contact us.

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