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  • Nick Ashley

Finder 7L Series - Panel Light

The 7L Series LED panel lights are the solution for lighting machinery and electrical panels of all types. They are extremely practical and functional allowing them to be easily positioned anywhere within the electrical panel thanks to the direct magnetic mounting or through screw supports.


  • Mounting “Two in one”: Direct magnetic mounting or through a screw-fixed metallic support

  • Versions for switching ON/OFF via integral switch, or integral movement detector

  • Brightness levels: 600 or 1200 lumens

  • Power supply – Multi-voltage: 12…48 V AC/DC and 110…240 V AC/

Check out the Finder 7L Panel Light preview below.

For more information on the Finder 7L Series Panel Lights, other Finder related products, or if you're interested in a product demo, contact us.


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