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Updated: Sep 18, 2020

GES Goldschmidt is proud to announce representation for LUTZE in Ohio!

LUTZE Inc designs and manufactures control products for industrial automation and specializes in flexible industrial control and power cables such as LUTZE Silflex®, LUTZE Superflex®, MOTIONFLEX® and DRIVEFLEX® VFD cables. The company also offers grounding and wire management products, Cablefix® cable entry systems, compact power supplies, LOCC-Box - intelligent DC circuit protection device, AirSTREAM-wiring systems for control cabinets, and LCIS relays for industrial applications.

LUTZE offers a comprehensive product portfolio for automated manufacturing in the automotive industry, machine and plant construction, electrical engineering, power generation and distribution, water treatment and much more.

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Serving markets in electrical, industrial, factory automation & machine safety

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