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Meltric - RETTBOX® S

The RETTBOX® S is a professional use, load-breaking, self-ejecting compact plug and receptacle designed to provide power to vehicles and onboard equipment that requires electricity. The reinforced thermoplastic receptacle and box ensure excellent resistance to impacts (IK01), temperature variations (-40°F/+140°F), UV's, and high electrical isolation creating one of, if not the most, reliable and durable electric vehicle plug and receptacle on the market.

Benefits and Features:

  • 20-30 A ratings and voltage configurations ranging from 110 VAC - 480VAC.

  • Reinforced thermoplastic for durability and protection against impacts (IK01), UVs, temperature variations (40°F/+140°F), and high electrical isolation as well as a swivel lid that guarantees IP54 ingress protection.

  • Easy mounting of the RETTBOX® S user-friendly design makes assembly, use and maintenance easy, providing both time and cost savings for the vehicle body converter as well as the end-user.

  • MELTRIC’s signature DECONTACTOR™ Technology; a specialized electrical connector with push-button circuit disconnection that combines the safety and functionality of a disconnect switch with the convenience of a plug and receptacle in one device.

For more information on the RETTBOX® S, other Meltric related products, or if you're interested in a product demo, contact us.



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